Appliance Repair Training


Appliance Repair Service Owners: 

Reams of Paperwork
Disgruntled Customers
Ever-changing Repair Issues
The Struggle to Retain Trained Tech.s
Increased marketing challenges
Technical Changes
Confusing and Changing Tax Laws
Having No Idea How to Market Online? 

Finally, there is place to get the answers to your questions

Professional Service Association (PSA)

Where you’ll get information from the pros that you could easily spend thousands of dollars on normally. 

PSA can help you to re-launch your business, to re-engineer your company and transform your stress into profits.

Let’s look the top reasons to join an industry association:

ü  Business networking
ü  Increasing market-share
ü  Promotion, branding and visibility
ü  Collective market development and research
ü  Education/Training opportunities
ü  Wider access to industry information and resources
ü  Support of a like-minded community
ü  The joy of making new friends

At PSA - THE PROFFESIONAL SERVICE ASSOCIATION you are part of a family that is working together to face these challenges as a community.
The PSA way of connecting with the its fellow members is unique and engineered towards your needs and we are proud of all the benefits our family offers to you:

Year round training for Technicians, our B.A.T (Basic Appliance Training) helps hundreds of individuals to succeed in their new career as appliance technicians, and also brings your Senior Techs up to date. B.A.T.s take place in different cities in throughout the year.

Access to PSANet - communicate by email with hundreds of your fellow service professionals on  repair issues and business matters. Any questions you have are answered by professionals that have been there and done that.

Access to PSA’s Service Library - which contains service bulletins, wiring diagrams, and extensive training info on hundreds of appliance and HVAC products. ( Purchase Required)

$25 Discounts on PSA training events, including product, skills and management courses.

$50 discount to our NATIONAL ANNUAL CONVENTION, NASC 2016 is the Appliance Service Event of the YEAR! Get the training you need to stay competitive in this industry! NASC 2016 takes place in Dallas, Texas.

50% discount on technician/staff certification in first year of membership such as CERTIFIED MASTER TECHNICIAN and CERTIFIED SERVICE MANAGER among others.

Access to NEW LEAF CONTRACTORS NETWORK, another way to increase your call volume and generate more profit.

Complementary online Marketing profile assessment and enhancement for your company, (a benefit valued at $150.00) provided by Right NOW Marketing Group.

“It is my opinion that people who are active members of their industry associations are the leaders in their respective industries. The ability to network and learn from these leaders is invaluable to my business. No matter how experienced we are in our businesses there is always more to learn.”
Sally Schopmeyer, CEO of Maintenance, Inc.

Professional Service Association
71 Columbia Street
Cohoes, NY 12047